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  • Founders

    Our Founders

Dato’ Lim has always been a visionary entrepreneur in the precious metal industry. He is well known as the founder of Quantum Metal, a leading precious metal corporation that provides cutting edge technology solutions in the area of financial management leveraging on bullion products.

With more than 20 years’ experience involvement in precision mould, electronic component, gold potassium cyanide for gold plating industries and co-development of recovery of gold from electronic waste with Inochem of South Africa (since 2000), involved in precious metal recovery from electronic waste, refining of impure gold from scrap/old jewellery, and also supplying gold to jewellery fabricators and dealing with Australian bullion bankers, he strongly believed in asset preservation and enhancement.

Ever since the journey of developing an integrated system for precious metal suppliers to be able to transact gold trading business with banks, he has grown the platform into a fintech wealth management ecosystem. Under his leadership, innovative services such as Gold Leverage and Gold Advance had been introduced to the market, creating not only a sustainable way for people to preserve and enhance their assets, but also contributing to the social economy as a whole. An epoch-making ecosystem that combines the advantage of fintech and wealth management based on the real value of precious metal.