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Enrolment and Payment

For G.O.L.D Education Program Registration

For New Merchant / those who have Not Yet registered an account with QMCU LMS before:


Go to

select the date you would like to attend, for example:

Click Buy Now and follow registration process.

You will get your ORDER NUMBER after check out

and through the email account you used to register a QMCU LMS account. Check your spam mail folder if cant find it in Inbox.

The email will be sent from Quantum Metal Corporate University -

with subject: "Your order placed on (date) ..."


With QM Gold App, you can transfer the Course fees from your QM Gold wallet and pay to:

Gold Storage Account : 2101057734


WhatsApp to +(60)12-678 0237
email to

Your Name, Contact Number, ORDER NUMBER, AND Payment Slip info.

You will receive an email from Quantum Metal Corporate University -

with Subject: "[ QMCU ] You have enroll in G.O.L.D Education Program (date)..."

once your enrollment is verified and approved.
You need to login your account at

1) Click to program you would like to register.

For example:

G.O.L.D Education Program


Global L.E.A.D.E.R.S.H.I.P. Convention

2) Click "Buy Now"

3) Confirm Item details and Click "PLACE ORDER"

You will get your Order Number after check out:

Scan above QR Code and make payment to
Gold Storage Account : 2101057734

NOTE: When making payment transfer in your QM Gold App, Input your Order Number in the description box

Email your transfer slip and order number to to confirm your payment and seat in this program

We will keep you posted via email upon receiving and confirming your QM Gold payment.
You will receive an email after you place your order online

Check your spam mail folder if you not receiving it in your inbox.

The email should be sent from
Quantum Metal Corporate University

You shall find your order number and item info in the email.

Providing us with your order # and payment slip will speed up the registration process.
You need to login your account at

Once you login,

1) Click "Profile" on top right after login
2) Click "Orders" on left panel

You will see your order number, status, and other related info.

Currently we only accept QM Gold as payment option as we focus on nurturing our own members for now, but FPX option will be considered once we open up to more people and the public.
With QM Gold App, you can transfer the Course or Event fees from your QM Gold wallet and pay to:

Gold Storage Account : 2101057734
You need to login your account at

Once you login,

1) Click "Profile" on top right after login
2) Click "Orders" on left panel

You will see your order number, status, and other related info.


Quantum Metal Corporate University (QMCU) Official Links: 1) Official URL 2) Corporate Information 3) G.O.L.D Education Program (11th & 12th Sept, 2021) 4) 1st Global L.E.A.D.E.R.S.H.I.P. Convention 5) Past Zoom Training sessions (Blockchain):
In the virtual realm. We take a revolutionary approach in creating an effective learning experience through the virtual form in the digital space, by providing unique and personalized virtual learning experience to our partners, subsidiaries and consultants. Riding the revolutionary digitization trend, we are creating a rich learning experience leveraging a mix of advanced and emerging technologies and digital tools, which include but are not limited to multimedia, Virtual Reality (VR), Blockchain, Big Data etc.
It is our blueprint to achieve our vision and missions. Read more about QMCU Learning Map
We are a strategic entity designed to support the parent organization in achieving its goals by conducting activities that foster management, workforce, members, consultants, and country partners’ organizational learning and knowledge pathway. As such, our stakeholders as mentioned are eligible to be our students.
There are 2 ways to receive or view the announcement related to the course you enrolled.

1) Receive through registered email account

You shall receive email notification should there be any updates made to the courses you enrolled, as shown below:

Check your spam folder and make sure email from and are whitelisted, add these email accounts into your contact list to avoid being sent into spam folder (depends on your mail client)

2) You may also refer to the "Announcement" Tab under respective course page once you login to your account, as shown below:

For those who attended GEP, they are welcome to rejoin all following sessions via virtual channels (such as Zoom room). There is no need to register again for upcoming sessions. If the training to be held is on physical premises, charges on facilities may apply (based on training venue).

Consultant Page

A Consultant Page is a digital marketing tool provided to consultants, so that they can share Quantum Metal (QM) related info to other people.

The information in a Consultant Page are contents that can be used to promote QM. Info such as company background, products and solutions, and related links will be updated from time to time by QM.
The Consultant Page is part of QM's strategic move in Standardisation as we progress along the journey of Corporatization, Digitalization and Globalisation in achieving a Shared Prosperity future.

The benefits of Consultant Page for consultants are:

1) Professionalism, Standardisation and Branding

Standardisation across the board with official content provided by QM under an official URL,*
* subject to availability

2) Align and Uniform

Corporate messages can be communicated more precisely and can be interpreted correctly from a single source. These include information such as media, updates, products and solutions etc.

3) Efficiency

Consultants have more focus and resources to grow their career as the digital marketing tool such as the Consultant Page has been provided, supported by other social media channels and QM websites. Consultants need not spend more time and money into digital facilities and workload for keeping information updated and aligned to QM's global movement. These are well taken care of by QM through the Consultant Page, supporting official socmed channels and official websites.
Step 1: Register GEP
Step 2: Pay via GSA
Step 3: Attend Training
Step 4: Pass Assessment
Step 5: Make sure PT>=USD7,500 or MYR30,000
Step 6: Apply Consultant Page

Details here:
When you apply for a Consultant Page (refer, the username you key in will be part of the URL.

For example, if you chosen the username:

When you type in the URL

in your web browser, you will be able to see the status, whether it is already approved or pending approval.

If it is already approved, you will see your profile image, contact info, with a Register Now button at the page bottom which will lead the viewer to QMS registration page, with you as the Referrer.
Attending the G.O.L.D Education Program (GEP) and passing the assessment is a prerequisite for consultants to obtain their Consultant Page at, besides achieving a Personal Trade (PT) of at least MYR 30,000 or USD 7,500.

Please check if you already fulfilled all criteria before applying for a Consultant Page.

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